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Facebook reveals its new interface

Facebook has begun deploying a new version of its news flow. Cosmetic changes that vary with respect to what was announced in early 2013.
Many Facebook users have been waiting to see unloading a new version of their news feeds, and it will soon be the case, since the deployment of the latter has just begun. Nevertheless, it will not be unveiled by the platform in March 2013 release.

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Last year, the social network had indeed reveal a complete overhaul of its display, to harmonize the Web and mobile versions. Program, a reorganization of the different blocks, a thematic flow separation and colorful left column to easily communicate with their contacts. But this version, which is not likely to satisfy the testers was eventually deployed only from a very small number of users, until its abandonment.
The new version, currently being deployed, seems to take little elements of version 2013. In a blog post, Facebook said it had learned from the criticism against the previous experiment: "people who tested it loved the big pictures, but were generally difficult to navigate Facebook. "In the end, the photos are great, the colors vary slightly but the change is much less radical.

The thematic classification of the news stream has been abandoned and in particular the separation between columns is less marked. In the end, apart from the size of the photos, the rest of the design has changed little. Facebook adds that the mobile display does not change, and that nothing moves either side of display advertising. It will however be patient as the deployment should take several weeks. 
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