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Airbus explores the use of drones in agriculture

Airbus wants to further explore the potential of these new devices in agriculture. Delta Drone, partner in the operation, sees his title purse climb.

Stock indicators were observed on Tuesday and Wednesday of significant fluctuations in the value of Delta Drone. After a surge of 20.6% yesterday, the title unscrews this morning at 10.9 euros, or 9.3% decrease. The cause: the announcement by Airbus of a new optimization Farmstar Expert program integrating drones.

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Farmstar (Farmstar Expert since 2013) is a service delivered by Airbus Defence and Space, in partnership with Arvalis, technical institute dedicated to the agricultural sector, and Cetiom (TSC oilseeds). It is to provide farmers with daily readings satellites as well as tips to maximize the contribution of fertilizer.

This program will now include Delta Drone. The announcement pushed the stock exchange listing of the French producer of civilian drones professional use. Airbus wants to use data and images acquired by sensors embedded in drones. This additional information will optimize existing services Farmstar and, ultimately, to develop new ones. 

The first tests were successful according to Airbus. Data collected by the drones complement satellite images and aircraft already in use. Campaigns additional tests will be organized in 2014 by Airbus, and Arvalis Drone Delta to explore the possibilities offered by this new tool. 
Airbus explores the use of drones in agriculture Airbus explores the use of drones in agriculture مراجعة من قبل fortech في 5:38 ص تصنيف: 5