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Apple's CFO to retire

Apple has announced the departure of Peter Oppenheimer: the Finance boss of Apple will retire in September.

Peter Oppenheimer, Vice-President in charge of Apple's finances, has announced its retirement in September. He joined the company in 1996 with Steve Jobs. Peter is then quickly became one of the pillars of the brand, especially when he became CFO in 2004, a mission he takes on ten years.

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In his hands, he has seen sales of Apple from 8 to 171 billion dollars per year. The company owes much to him, among other things because he has mounted the current tax optimization schemes. This is also the man behind the blocking of shareholder dividends in the group.

Tim Cook said "His contributions and integrity as CFO have set a new benchmark for all CFOs of listed companies. [...] Peter is also a dear friend, " Apple's CEO, in a statement about Peter Oppenheimer. Thereafter, the former CFO will join the board of Goldman Sachs.

His current position will be taken by Luca Maestri, who will take the role of chief financial officer (CFO). He was recruited in March 2013, after serving as Director of Nokia Siemens Networks and Xerox.
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