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Jailbreak lifetime for iPad 3

A flaw in Apple A5X chip opens the door to the final jailbreak iPad 3.

Gaps in iOS that could be exploited to unlock Apple devices and install software other than dubbed the App Store was known. But announced that iH8sn0w team discovered a flaw in the chip A5X four cores of Apple which team third generation of iPad (Retina models from March 2012) . If this terminal is only really concerned interest remains very limited, but it will be different if the A5 chip is also concerned. This team effect processor iPhone 4S, iPad 2 (2011/2012), the iPad mini, iPod touch 5 and Apple TV 3.

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But unlike vulnerabilities discovered in the code of Apple's mobile operating system, it is impossible to remedy the thing with a simple software update. The Cupertino company may review its OS and its SDK to block this hardware fault. Most disturbing.
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