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Pay via Tweet

The social network Twitter could let users make purchases via its platform and is on the verge of an agreement with the company Stripe to accept payments via credit cards for such purchases. Already Twitter has signed several deals either with American Express or Starbucks but commercial approach is not complete.  

According to our colleagues, the San Francisco-based company has built long APIs to buy or sell via a simple tweet, the first for network users, the second for traders, but has not yet committed to implement them on the production platform.
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Last summer, Twitter has hired former CEO of Ticketmaster, Nathan Hubbard as its patron commerce division, another sign showing that the company has wanted to develop this segment to improve its turnover , probably by taking a commission on the "deals" made ​​via its platform.

For its part, Stripe has received $ 40 million from Sequoia Capital and General Catalyst has developed a set of APIs that allow websites or mobile applications to implement a very simple way of payment methods. Several services, including site carpooling Lyft or InstaCart, based on these technologies. Little information has filtered for how Stripe could be integrated into Twitter either directly or through Cards, another internal technology in Twitter.  
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