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Amazon: Deliver faster than its shadow

Amazon likes to attract attention with projects sometimes a bit fanciful. Today, here is the episode of early delivery. Or when Amazon knows better than its customers what they are about to buy.

Wall Street Journal had a patent bought by Amazon cybcermarchand concerning the "early delivery". The process returns to prepare the package of a customer before it has confirmed the order.

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 Technically, it would be to develop an algorithm which through a series of data (purchase history, Contents, research on the site, number of visits to a page, but also purchases a person in the same region ) can automatically send products even before the order is validated.

Deliver faster, amazon, delivery provided by drones, e marketing,

With this predictive system, which is not yet at the state of patent, the goods would be prepared without the address is written entirely on the package. Recipient information would then be completed once confirmed purchase: the package would be a few hours to be delivered. According to Amazon, this kind of process would fit very well with video and literary releases planned in advance.

The idea seems preposterous but is in any case the continuity of the policy displayed by the brand for years: kill the competition with great prices, free delivery, a huge choice in one product and deadlines ultra short delivery. A system based, as many critics raised on the idea that it is possible to predict purchases of man as easily as the weather situation. Unfortunately for the digital giant, man is not a robot and this new grotesque method, such as the recent announcement of the delivery of the products by drones 

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