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Macintosh Previously 30 years

The launch of the Macintosh in 1984 was marked by an advertisement produced by Ridley Scott, borrowing much of its atmosphere to the novel "1984" by George Orwell.

In the early 80s, all manufacturers of computer hardware includes the computer has intended to be put in the hands of all. But before reaching the friendly computer we know today, some of the technologies and practices have to prove themselves. In 1980, Xerox began to show its system Star 8010, a workstation very expensive, with a mouse, a graphical interface with windows, and object technology from the Palo Alto Research Center. Then nobody seems to understand the extraordinary work done by Xerox engineers.

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If Steve Jobs himself, who emerged transformed after meeting with team Star 8010. At the time, the leader today celebrated as a genius with difficulty recovering from the failure of the Apple 3 (too technical to extend its contract) but rebounded by recovering some of the Star team to start work Lisa project (the name of the daughter of S.Jobs). Alas, like the Apple 3 Lisa horribly slow and expensive ($ 9,995 excluding tax) does not find its audience. But in parallel, a team at Apple worked with a lot less money on the Macintosh project, the apple brand favorite Jef Raskin. This is its real father of the Macintosh even if he did not mouse accessory imposed on final by Steve Jobs. Confronted daily with Steve Jobs who had recovered his project, Jef Raskin left two years before the launch of the Macintosh in 1984.

For the story, the famous TV ad "1984", directed by Ridley Scott, has not been presented for the first time to the public January 22, 1984 during the final Super Bowl but December 31, 1983 in room cine Twin Falls, a small town in Idaho. The agency originally wanted the video indeed compete for the prize of the best pub in 1983, and it was imperative to present this ad to the public in 1983 to compete in 1984. And to do so in the utmost discretion, this small town in the American West has been selected.
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