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Qualcomm launches its own Smartwatch connected: Toq

After the presentation of the Gear watch of Samsung, Qualcomm reacts in quick and announces his own Smartwatch called "Toq", which works in pair with an Android smartphone.

Sony had dug up the hatchet on the ground watches connected. Microsoft, Google, Apple and others seem to be preparing their weapons each in their labs. Samsung has responded with the Gear watch last night, taking advantage of the IFA Berlin show. But it was without counting on Qualcomm, which revealed his own style "Toq".

Well as ultra present in smartphones and the world of mobility and embedded in a broad sense as a component supplier, Qualcomm is rather quiet. A few months ago, however, the boss explained "we want to expose more, for example by stamping "equipped by Qualcomm products." 

It runs on Android and can pair with a smartphone running Google's OS (4.0.3 minimum). She noted when receiving a mobile call and if you decide to meet, then you trigger the sound in the Bluetooth headset. The watch comes with 2 headsets at attractive design.

The Toq has Mirasol screen technology, already proven on some reading lights: it mainly allows, according to Qualcomm, offering excellent display technology, without reflection and guarantees above a very low power consumption.

Unlike Samsung Gear which offers a range of 25 hours, Qualcomm announced five days without recharging! Moreover, the Toq is wireless charging (like the ear), "simply by placing the watch in his cabinet." The battery is arranged in the rigid portion of the bracelet at the binding.

At the service level, it will be possible to take a call or not, to read SMS / MMS, access the calendar and applications such as weather, emails, etc.. Not to mention something important: it will also give time.

For the moment, the price is not confirmed but it seems that revolve around 300 $ (just like Gear Samsung). As for availability, it appears that the North American market will benefit first, before the end of the year

Qualcomm launches its own Smartwatch connected: Toq Qualcomm launches its own Smartwatch connected: Toq مراجعة من قبل fortech في 6:13 م تصنيف: 5