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Windows 8.1: all the new features and improvements coming

The major upgrade of Windows 8 that will be delivered for both the classic version and RT version, finally unveils its new features and improvements that we present in this article.

Microsoft has posted a lengthy blog to finally explain what the enhancements and new features included in the upcoming Windows "Blue" 8.1. And for this, the publisher lingers in a long introduction to the design of the OS, discusses the basics of Windows 7 and how his successor, Windows 8 has been thought: "We designed this OS for a world where the copier touch interaction is the norm, as the mouse and keyboard. "

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More concisely: Windows 8.1 better with new features and functions that take full advantage of the touch experience and mobile." The first addressed by Microsoft aspect is customizing the OS becomes even further. Now the same screen lock can become a gallery of your photos, local or stored on Skydrive, a function of taking pictures without having to unlock the device is also integrated.

Besides new wallpapers, home screen adopts two new sizes of tiles to customize the desktop even deeper. Microsoft has facilitated the creation of "clusters" of tiles and their arrangement. "You can now select multiple tiles at once, resize, remove or rearrange them." Regarding the search, you can sort your applications by name, date of installation, the most used, or by category.

 Focus on apps and Windows Store

Microsoft now offers research in many content (web applications, Skydrive, etc..). But Windows 8.1 focuses mainly on the applications and the Windows Store. PPAR example, all native applications were reviewed. "As Photos for example, which now has editing features that allow you to quickly adjust or edit a picture, or open directly into another application such as Mail, Skydrive or another." The Music application has even been completely revised.

The publisher has also reworked using multiple applications simultaneously, with "various ways to see multiple applications simultaneously on the screen." But also Windows 8.1 provides the ability to open multiple windows of the same application. The Windows Store has also been revised, with more information on apps and more effectively see for example the list of the best free applications.

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 Skydrive becomes central

On storage, Microsoft increasingly Skydrive its stronghold in the center of the activities of the user: Windows 8.1 provides the ability to backup all the files on the storage space online, directly from the application. "The new SkyDrive app gives you access to files on your device or in the cloud, and the files are accessible even when you're offline." Finally, it is enough to log in with account for the appearance your custom configuration.

IE 11 integrated

The computer settings are now directly accessible from the Settings, and therefore there is no need to return to the Control Panel. Rather practice, more over Windows 8.1 embeds Internet Explorer 11, which "provides better touch performance, greater speed and many new features."

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 Finally Microsoft explains that he understood that users may be lost without the Start button. That is why it takes the form of the Windows logo, which will appear "whenever the mouse is in the left corner" of the window. But it will be possible to set yourself what the angles.     
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