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Kinect for Xbox One: a surveillance camera

 Australia's Civil Liberty Director Says : "Xbox One Kinect Is A Surveillance camera Device "

The Kinect is a mandatory accessory, whose technology allows you to see everything that is happening in the living of users: it can recognize up to six people in the room, through the movements, but also voice. Defenders of privacy accuse this tool to be too intrusive, with Microsoft in the crosshairs. In fact, the Kinect is always on so that players can get out of "sleep" mode simply by speaking aloud. Many people criticize the inability to disable this feature. The issue of interception of data (supplied by the Kinect) remote also arises. In Australia, the console even fall under the definition of a monitor, under the law of the country.

The Kinect is composed of a camera 1080 pixels, of an infrared camera: they allow to follow the movements of the skeleton and muscles, even in the dark! They also give the possibility to calculate the heart rate of the players, for games that involve physical exercise. For sound, the new built-in microphone allows you to separate the user's voice while ignoring background noise.

 Australia's Civil Liberty Director Says : Xbox One Kinect Is A Surveillance camera Device

In anticipation of order "on Xbox"

The German CNIL accuses the console to be an object of monitoring potential: it thus requires more details on this Microsoft technology and its use. For its part, Microsoft defends itself by saying that the company does not transmit the data: "We will not use the Kinect to spy on anyone. We reach the ear to the words "on Xbox" and then turn on the machine, but we do not provide any personal information in any manner whatsoever, which could lead to your identification, unless you explicitly give your agreement, "said Phil Harrison, head of Microsoft Game Studios, But the speech does not seem to reassure .. Indeed, what does he mean by "unless you explicitly give your consent"?

Many players also wonder why Microsoft has filed a patent in May for her television consumption tracker users? The system makes it possible to keep track of all programs and commercials seen by the viewer. This feature is available as an option, according to the Daily Mail, and could go through the capabilities of the Kinect sensor.

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