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Office 2014 on Linux

The noise began to run at one of the largest European conferences on free software, FOSDEM (Free Open-Source Developers' European Meeting). Michael Larabel, a great defender of Linux and founder of Phoronix, said that the Microsoft Office suite could land on Linux in 2014. The rumor originates from a Microsoft developer.

 In addition to Office applications on iOS, which should no longer delay to come out, the Redmond company is also working on a version of Office for Android, an operating system which, remember, is based on Linux. This work would be a first step, before the arrival of Linux, thus clearing the hard work awaits the Microsoft development teams, if this rumor were to be confirmed.

It's hard to imagine the arrival of Microsoft in the world of free software. However, it certainly will have to get used to. The site Extreme Tech said that Microsoft has, since July 2009, a department dedicated to Linux, primarily responsible for running a Linux system as a guest of his system of Hyper-V. Linux development teams at Microsoft have they been strengthened ?

Remember that the annual report of the Linux Foundation on the development of Linux Kernel placed last year, the company Bill Gates 17th among the largest contributors, with 688 amendments, or about 1% of the total code provided .

Gone are the days when Microsoft saw in the open source a threat. Today, free software would be an opportunity rather it seems to operate. 

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