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PS4 joystick has a touch screen LCD

PS4 joystick could put an end to the lever that players know since Sony would bring a new design. Since 1997, the Dual-shock had not been altered, but the manufacturer has redesigned the entire design.

PS4 joystick: The joystick will have a touch screen LCD
PS4 joystick

PS4 joystick should offer a whole new PS4 joystick as the site CVG says it could be equipped with an LCD touch screen and biometric sensors. The experience offered by the Sony console would be very different from previous versions. Since 1997, the DualShock suffered no real change. PS Move has brought a few new, but the concept should be strengthened for the next generation. This accessory provides interaction between the player and the console but Sony wants to go further by using the concept of the PS Vita. Thus, the new controller could be closer to the experience offered by the portable console. With the introduction of biometric sensors, at the grip, the game-play could be largely modified. This information should be taken with a grain of salt since Sony has refused to comment on the possibility.

The abandonment of the DualShock ?

PS4 joystick whose code name is Orbis should make its appearance in a few weeks. Players are waiting impatiently the new generation that will match up against the new Xbox. The site states that the PS3 joysticks would be compatible with the new system, but they are used as secondary controllers. For the moment, it is impossible to have a picture of this new PS4 joystick since development is a matter well guarded. The price could also pose some problems to the portfolio as a joystick with a touch screen and biometric sensors should have a fairly high rate.

For the first time since 1997, the PlayStation joystick could be completely changed. Sony would have the intention to break with the design of the famous Dual-shock. At the launch of the PS3, rumors also indicated that the controller would suffer a complete overhaul of the design, the final Sony remained very close to the old controller. It is therefore advisable to take all this information with a grain of salt.

ps4 joystick

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