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Cars equipped with cameras to detect obstacles

"See and be seen" takes on a whole new meaning to the 2013 edition of Motor Show held in Detroit (Michigan) until January 27.

The camera of the Volvo V40 above the mirror detects potential dangers and alerts the driver.

Our colleagues TechHive have traveled the aisles NAIAS (North American International Auto Show). The next generation of cameras installed in cars will soon play a more complex and active driving.

At Toyota, Fun-Vii unveiled last year allows using a smartphone app to change at will the appearance of the interior and exterior vehicle display decorations. But there are also other more useful should quickly equip cars.

A set of detection systems are eg installed below the mirror in the Volvo V40. They play the role of the passenger to alert the driver obstacles or dangers that will arise. Thus, in the safety system in the Volvo V40, a camera is associated with a radar and a laser. First identifies a pedestrian crossing and sends an alert sound, followed by a warning light on the windshield. The camera also reads road signs and displays on the dashboard so that the driver does not fail to modify its appearance when reducing the speed limit or in the presence of other important information.

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