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Megaupload: rates, first impressions

While MEGA will be unveiled tomorrow by Kim Dotcom and available to all users, we were able to access the storage service as the messiah expected by many users. The opportunity to see if it keeps its promises or not. Here are our first impressions, which will be updated according to our tests.

MEGA Kim Dotcom plays big. It has indeed multiplied ads, promises and provocations in recent months, particularly via his Twitter account. From our side, we were able to recover access preview to see if the features of the service are with go.

One rule: do not post new screenshot to the extent possible before the launch tomorrow at 18:48

Once the activation test carried out on our behalf, we arrive at what will be tomorrow the home page of MEGA. It is available in many languages, There are several sections which we will soon and have the service in all its aspects: its API for developers, resellers, white label, the form to join the legal department or to prevent an abuse of copyright, for the the bugs ...

The conditions of use held by 43 points (one too many) in which we learn what not to do especially not with MEGA resell the service without the consent of the company, store or exchange data that are not comply with the law, assault in any form whatsoever other users ...

MEGA wants to give a long distance away from the fire Megaupload was widely used by the followers of illegal content quickly recovered. The only regret is not having the right to a small promotional video with music rest in mind:

Note that the Service reserves the right to delete your data, especially if they are as duplicates within your account, stating that the original file will of course be preserved. The side of safety, it is a system of encryption keys private / public (RSA 2048 bits) is used to ensure that your data can not be accessed by MEGA teams or any government entity. Be careful, if you lose the key or passphrase protection, they will no longer be accessible.

From our initial analysis, it is stored in the session storage browser. We find indeed a parameter and a second parameter privk pubk in the attributes of the current user:

Thus, when a user logs in, the password allows him to recover his keys in the browser. It can then access the files and upload, but as it is connected, this information is freely available to anyone who can use his machine. These keys do not change from one browser to another, and will of course be deleted at the end of the session (when the tab or window is closed).

An inherent problem with the use of a web client, we welcome and offers MEGA-term application.

No account is required to upload a file, you can do so anonymously for the service instance. You can of course create one. Only a name, email address and a password you requested shake. Note that the verification email arrived directly in our spam box

Rate side, the amount of storage offered is rather important and inexpensive, but a limitation is imposed via the bandwidth a bit like the Newsgroup services not unlimited. No discount is currently discussed for a commitment to year or even for life.

Here are three deals offered:

The free offer is 50GB as advertised, without qualification, and all management is done online via a web interface. It is rather clear and simple and allows you to upload files as well as entire folders. Everything works also via HTML5 drag and drop (tested in Chrome). We also entertain the users in IE10 Firefox or even see a message appear indicating that their MEGA operates optiomale with the Google browser.

Each file can be shared independently. It will then benefit from its own key to decrypt it. This can be integrated to the link you send to your friends or transmit separately. It will then be requested from the person seeking access to the file. In all cases, MEGA will ask you to accept its terms prior to use.

Note that for the moment, no synchronization client does not seem available. It will certainly expect that developers seize the API for this.

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