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Bing will provide results from Facebook

Microsoft claims that its search engine will incorporate five times more content from Facebook before its results.

Users of Bing, the Microsoft search engine can now view a wider range of content from their friends on Facebook, which appear alongside search results. This is the result of an effort made by the Redmond company to make the site more social. When a user runs a query in Bing results include both content from the web, that information related to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Google+. For example, if a member is connected to Bing via Facebook when it initiates a search, sidebar Bing Community Social contain data related to their friends on Facebook. Bing launched the Sidebar function during the summer.

Previously, the results did not include the "Like" on Facebook, such as photos and profile data, but has expanded to the Microsoft they contain status updates, shared links and comments . The amount of data equivalent to a fivefold increase of the content of "friends" on Facebook, which is available in the sidebar, Microsoft said in a blog post Wednesday.

"The idea is to provide members with personalized and more useful results," said a spokesman for Microsoft. "There is a whole lot richer data which not only show what your friends need to know, but indicates what knowledge they possess, which may help your search," he added. The Social Sidebar is currently available in the United States.

No link with Graph Search, according to Microsoft

A person planning a trip to New York, for example, can find not only information about the city, but also data from Facebook members who have lived or been there, said Microsoft. The information contained in the sidebar from other social networks work a little differently - they are not linked to the Internet but friends from other sources deemed to be experts on a topic. This feature is not affected by changes today.

Facebook expanded content comes at an interesting time. On Tuesday, the social network has announced the launch of the beta version of Graph Search, a search tool based community connections between users. In case of gaps in search results, Bing results help fill holes, Facebook said at a press conference.

The Redmond company has ensured that the new features of Bing announced today were not related to the announcement of Graph Search. However, the publisher said it would continue to enhance the search functionality on Facebook. Greg Sterling, senior analyst at Opus Research, asked whether the two services can work more closely in the future. "It will be interesting to see how the deployment of Graph Search. the Search Community influence on Bing and there is a certain synergy and increased use," he believes in a blog post.

Others, like Karsten Weide, vice president of media and entertainment at IDC believe that the enrichment function Sidebar Social is a step forward. "That will not upset things, but it could allow Microsoft to develop its search traffic faster,  which will Allow them to compete strongly with Google .

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