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Intel Ivy Bridge will consume less

Aware of the limits of its energy models ARM processor front, Intel is working hard to improve processor power consumption that equips MacBook Air and ultrabooks running Windows 8.

The next Surface Pro tablet will be equipped, already like the MacBook Air or the Ultrabooks offered by several manufacturers. It is Ivybridge processor, the latest wonder from Intel that provides outstanding performance but suffers from a crippling defect to insert it into a tablet: power consumption. In fact, it's 17 watts when ARM processors that fit the shelves now arrive less than 2 watts.

Fall below 10 watts

Admittedly, the processors are not comparable, but Intel should definitely do better if he wants to stay in the race. so the new version of this processor should be released sometime in the year 2013 with improved power consumption without delay the next generation - Haskell - that would go under 10 watts and thus provide more autonomy . This feature, combined with small size is one of those acclaimed by users in choosing a tablet rather than an ultrabook that's why Intel is working on this. Indeed our colleagues recall that CNet tablets designed around an ARM processor reach 0.3 inches (7 mm) thick and weighs less than 500 grams, all with a range of more than a day.
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