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Google launches "Ingress" its first mobile game augmented reality

Ingress, the new mobile game and multilayer, Google Niantic Labs offers players an adventure augmented reality, far from their couch.

Wii we almost forget the couch, Kinect has succeeded in making us move to our TV. Between virtual and real, Ingress, the new game launched by Google managed to get this to addicts video games from home.

Ingress in the new Google MMORPG, players will have to split into two camps from which to conquer a mysterious energy found on Earth. On the one hand, the "enlightened" to which balls of energy named Exotic Matter (XM) can be useful to mankind, on the other the resistance that fights to prevent this new energy to reduce humanity a mental slavery.  

John Hanke, director of Niantic Labs group, said he was inspired by television series such as Lost or Fringe J, J Abrams. Mid-energy mid-terms, this "exotic matter" was born in the labs at CERN experiments on the Higgs boson. This "all around us", it coexists in various sizes and seems mostly affect the human spirit.

 Many strategic locations are located near historical monuments, the game requires the "illuminated" or "resistant" to leave his home. Smartphone and localization will help the player to recover clues, objects and defend territories against the enemy.

The game is available for free on Android but in private beta. To go on an adventure with Ingress you will need to request authorization from Google. You can request your invitation on the website of Ingress.

Google launches "Ingress" its first mobile game augmented reality  Google launches "Ingress" its first mobile game augmented reality مراجعة من قبل fortech في 6:11 م تصنيف: 5