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Browsers: Firefox and IE found colors, falling Chrome

Caught or nearly caught up in recent months Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox has taken the bull by the horns in November. In contrast, Chrome has suffered somewhat. As for Internet Explorer, it confirms its good month of October, with a further increase in November. These data Net Market Share, however must be reinforced by other institutes.

Heavy fall in November for Chrome

With 54.76% share of use (POU) on computers in November, against 54.13% in October and 53.63% in September, Microsoft Internet Explorer on a roll in recent months. Mozilla Firefox is not left with PU 20.44% in November, against 19.99% in the previous month. Apple Safari, for his part, confirms its rise with a beautiful PU 5.33%, up 0.12 percentage point in one month. 

With these multiple increases, Chrome displays logically down. Since its 19.13% PU last August, Google's browser continues to decline from the point of fall sharply in November, with 17.24% of PU, down 1.31 point. 

Major differences according to institutes
It remains to verify the accuracy of these data by crossing with other institutes. Meanwhile the French example that AT Internet, but we can still note that Stat Counter offers different results. To show these differences sometimes abysmal, we also made ​​a small table.

As you can see above, both browsers display very contrasting statistical analysis according to the institute. Chrome and Internet Explorer are as high or very low depending on the company. Abnormal differences that push us therefore take serious tweezers all information, regardless of source.

Firefox still N °1 on PCI  

Note that on PC INpact, which represents only himself, here's statistics for the month of November: 

  • Firefox : 42,05 %
  • Chrome : 32,25 %
  • Internet Explorer : 11,94 %
  • Safari : 7,02 %
  • Opera : 2,39 %
Firefox and Chrome alone represent three quarters of our visits, far ahead of IE and Safari.Visitors of PC INpact are not representative of Internet users worldwide.

Browsers: Firefox and IE found colors, falling Chrome Browsers: Firefox and IE found colors, falling Chrome مراجعة من قبل fortech في 1:18 م تصنيف: 5