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Test Nokia Lumia 920: the best smartphone market

We tested the new Nokia Windows Phone 8, the device deserves a 10/10.

before the state immediately: we waited impatiently. The first demonstrations were bluffing enough, the most laudatory comments of confreres and we were so greedy in turn evaluate the beast. The result is as expected: the Nokia Lumia 920 is a smartphone absolutely fantastic. 

Comes in a small colored box packaging contains smartphone, MicroUSB cable, a USB charger, earphone in-ear and notices. The first grip confirms the impressions interviews with previous models 800 and 900. The finish is exemplary and polycarbonate enclosure gives an immediate feeling of robustness. The placement of the speakers, the AFN and the various buttons are cleverly designed and you feel instantly at home. However - there is the weak point - this phone is heavy (185 g). This is partly due to the screen size and materials used, but we can not wait for Nokia to find a way to get rid of a few grams, which then would return all competition in his studies.

Navigation screen are best

The screen is a model Pure Motion IPS + Gorilla Glass HD with a size of 4.5 inches offering a resolution of 1280 X 768 or 322 dots per inch. Does not specify immediately that the rendering is exceptional whether images or text. The quality of reproduction of photos and videos is exceptionally texts and visual comfort that it is not tiring including spending many hours writing messages or write using the word processor. Some colleagues state that allows luminosity using the camera in bright sunlight, that we could not confirm these early frosts of December, but we have nevertheless been able to verify that the interface remains accessible when we were provided with gloves. Regarding the sound quality of the speakers is good considering their size but the headphones are supplied as standard means.

The quality of the screen and interface provide a fluidity navigation in a tactile quality that offers an iPhone or Android smartphone. Microsoft took its time, some would say too long, but Windows Phone 8 is now the most advanced interface for touch navigation. Of course, it will become familiar with the interface consisting of "tiles" but as it can be confusing on a PC or on a tablet as it is almost immediate with this form factor. Let us add that Microsoft has treated many details that distinguish genuine system of competition and can not see how Apple and Google will cry plagiarism. Certainly there an adjustment period for just one Balckberry, iPhone or Google Phone, but in a few hours or a few days you will be accustomed.

Nokia which darkens

Served by a Qualcomm processor double heart, the Lumia 920 is very fast for almost all tasks. Internet Explorer is at a speed that we don't know. Manipulation of the Office suite of applications or navigation or mapping suffer only very few slowdowns that can either Wi-Fi or 3G. These applications are another strong point of the unit. Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive, Explore and Transport are remarkable precision, fluidity and ease of use. Camera is another key point. Pure View system consists of a sensor back lit 8.7 megapixels along with a Carl Zeiss lens offers an aperture of F/2.0. All accompanied by a mechanical and optical stabilization is especially useful in low light. Add the presence of some applications like Photos or Panorama modes Rafale to select the best in a series of 4. Some tests indicate a lower quality in normal lighting conditions. Nokia was aware of the problem and should provide a fix in the firmware because it is just factory settings not necessarily suitable. about the video, there is nothing to say as the result is spectacular. The stabilizer operates optimally.

Hardware and software details galore

Autonomy is correct in all cases greater than that of an iPhone 4/4S. We could continue this test for particular lines and lines to describe a myriad of small details Windows and / or Nokia device that make so enjoyable to use. For example, the battery saver feature is particularly well designed and allow you to keep the few minutes required to pass the call just as essential before final extinction of the phone. 

We were positively impressed. This phone is the best we had in our hands. Try to adopt it, even if you work in a Windows environment with which you can easily share and it is with regret that we will have to make it to Nokia. For our part, we'll wait a bit longer as attractive commercial offers , but subject to spectacular news coming from  Apple or Google, Lumia 920 crushes the competition at multiple points Nokia to count and probably a customer more in a few weeks or months. 

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