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A transfer to control health!

Since we are hyper connected, we feel that the objective of the game is to control everything around us, even our health. A new chip just to see the day a transfer that looks like a smiley!

Through the use of sensors, a team from the University of Toroto discount introduce improvements in mobile technology. In this case, this little chip can be glued directly to your skin, like a transfer or tattoo Malabar.

This is in fact an electrode which selects ions and analysis according to the change in pH of the epidermis. It can then detect any metabolic change and send a signal.
If these techniques already exist, this device is unique because of its adhesion, it's totally insensitive to movement or sweat, and only 'ears' need to be in direct contact with the skin. It will not leave because its wearer.  

The design is fun, the goal was simply to cover the electrodes, it is easily replaceable since the patch is created using a standard printer.

Useful for athletes, children, research in cosmetics or hypochondriac lambda, it is not intended for marketing .. at this moment 
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