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Google further research with Knowledge Graph

The search engine Google deepened his explorations Knowledge Graph.
Google announced the launch of "Knowledge Graph." This tool complements the intelligent search query results with information from encyclopedias and various databases. It instantly provides relevant information about places, works or personalities recognized by Google. The presentation of information is mainly based on public resources online, such as the Wikipedia encyclopedia or the CIA World Factbook. It is adjusted according to user searches and what is published daily on the Internet.
The Knowledge Graph is presented in the form of a panel displayed to the right of the search results, which appear in the completed information links to various entities around. For example, searching for information on Leonardo da Vinci, the user will discover a short biography, as well as performances of his major works on which we can ask for more information. The search will return also the painter of contemporary artists such as Michelangelo and Raphael, or later as Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh.
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