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A helmet to see 360 degrees in real time

Stronger than the secret agent glasses mirrors integrated French researchers have created the first helmet that allows the wearer to see 360 degrees in real time.

 This prototype, called "FlyViz" and presented Tuesday at the National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control (INRIA France), "for the first time offers a panoramic view instant on both sides and back, like a fly or a chameleon, "says Anatole Lécuyer, Project Director at INRIA.

It's not "virtual reality" but "increase the natural field of vision of the human being at 360 degrees laterally," says Lecuyer.

Patented system relies on elements now commercially available: a conventional digital camera, a laptop and a consumer HMD.

Attached to the top of the helmet, the camera is pointed in the air, to a hemispherical mirror which allows it to acquire images of 360 degrees. It's like shooting a "Christmas ball", the observer sees everything happening around him but the picture is distorted, explains Jérôme Ardouin, teacher ESIEA, originally as part of the prototype of his doctoral thesis.

The image must be treated to make it understandable and usable. The process adopted by researchers is a simple spherical projection, similar to that used by cartographers to restore the flat earth.

So the scene was broadcast on the screen of Headphone which faces the user is at the center of the screen, its periphery spreading gradually to the left and right.

The stage located immediately behind it in turn is projected on the outer edges of the image. The face of a person standing in the back of the helmet wearer is also divided into two, the left half of the left edge of the screen, right half to the right end.  

The blind spots disappear completely, with a transmission delay of only 83 milliseconds to allow ample Jérôme Ardouin through a door backwards.

But "the picture is quite curious, there is obviously a necessary skill for the user," says Anatole Lécuyer, who wishes to join neuroscience laboratories and psychology to test the system before developing any applications .

While it might be useful in the fields of monitoring or security, for example to enable rescuers to locate potential hazards. FlyViz but is primarily designed as a tool for research on human perception.

"We must learn to use, integrate new landmarks, the reaction time of the carrier is unknown ... We must be careful about where these applications," says the researcher.

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