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Apple buys a platform for creating digital magazines

Dutch company PRSS falls into the hands of Apple. The flagship product of the company is a tool that enables the rapid creation of magazines compatible with the iPad without needing to know any line of code.

First unveiled by Dutch blog iCulture based on a source close to the deal, the acquisition was more or less confirmed by Apple, the Cupertino company merely lapidary statement saying that the company was buying regular small companies and did not disclose any details about it. Prss was launched in 2013 in the wake of the release of the iPad TRVL magazine.

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This publication was the first magazine exclusively available on iPad on its release in 2010. The newspaper has won many honors, including through a graphic design particularly well and was mentioned as a reference by Tim Cook at a developers conference that was held in 2012 with their experience around this magazine, the founders Jochen Wijnands and Michel Erlings decided to design an open platform allowing others to achieve what they had been able to produce.

The operating principle of PRSS is similar to what Google Docs offers and up to 30 people can work on the same magazine. PRSS platform is free and the publisher pays $ 0.05 per download, a very competitive price compared to other solutions, including one proposed by Adobe.
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