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Tech Polo Ralph Lauren, connected T-shirts at US Open

American sportswear brand will equip the ball boys and some players T-shirts with sensors built-in fiber to measure several physiological parameters.

Through a partnership with the Canadian company OMsignal, fashion designer Ralph Lauren has decided to provide "Polo Tech" connected to the ball boys US Open and T-shirts that some players including American Marcos Giron who should wear this subject during his workouts.

For the moment, it seems not expected that tennis players wear this clothing during matches in particular because they have advertising contracts with different suppliers.

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David Brewer, the tournament director, said that this type of clothing is likely to revolutionize gaming and sports training methods. Called "Tech Polo" this T-shirt loads a battery of sensors that measure several parameters: heart rate, respiration, moisture and skin temperature, humidity and outdoor temperature, number of steps taken and physical activity.

Based on these data, the tissue and determines the calories burned by the wearer, as well as his emotional state - stressed, relaxed, etc. The communications director for Ralph Lauren said that the choice of ball boys are excellent subjects for t-shirt connected as they live, as players, many peaks of adrenaline in the place of a match .
While T-shirts are still in the prototype stage, Ralph Lauren could release a range of clothing connected to the end of the year or in the course of next year. 
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