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Facebook wants to get rid of traps clicks

Facebook has decided to limit the visibility of the "click bait", these links entice the user with touts and titles that encourage by all means click.

Facebook announced that it would eliminate what it calls click bait or traps to clicks after gathering feedback of its users. The objective is to provide a better framework for the things that its members really want to see. "Over time, information including" click bait "can drown content from their friends and pages that people really care," the company said in a statement. The social network will use two methods to define what a "click bait." If a user clicks on an item and spend time to read it, that means it has some merit. But if the user clicks on the article and immediately returns to Facebook, the item will be placed in the category of "undesirables".

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Facebook friends may run the risk of revealing content that is not really a click bait. Many small businesses use Facebook to promote their business via free pages, sometimes they insert links in their posts. Facebook is constantly adjusting its algorithm flow of information and the fact to reduce spam is a regular goal. End of 2013, the company revised its ranking system to promote content "high quality" to highlight news articles that generate more interaction.
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