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Intel: second quarter higher than estimates

The year 2013 was marked by a decline in sales for Intel. However, most 2014 begins. After a first quarter increase, the trend continues in the next quarter. Intel has, indeed, to present its latest report consists of a turnover of 13.8 billion dollars. Up 8% year on year, it is also higher than estimates.

The situation of the PC market has set Intel difficulty. Over the year 2013, the turnover of the component manufacturer, 52.7 billion dollars fell and layoffs were planned. However, the beginning of 2014 was better with a first quarter consists of a turnover of 12.764 billion dollars, slightly up about 1.5%. If the areas of mobile and PC were down, those software, connected objects and data centers grew.

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The second quarter followed the same trend. Indeed, the July 15, Intel released an encouraging quarterly results.
Over this period, the company achieve a turnover of 13.8 billion dollars up 8%
year on year, and net income of $ 2.8 billion, which increased by 40% compared to the same period 2013. 

More specifically, those divisions are progressing PC (income 8.7 billion dollars), up 6% year on year, data centers ($ 3.5 billion dollars), an increase of 19% of connected objects ($ 539 million dollars), up 24%, and the software and services ($ 548 million dollars), up 3%.
Like the previous quarter, Intel is in trouble in the mobile sector and communications, which declined 83% year on year.
The latter report shows once again that the PC industry sees a decline slows. If Intel has missed the turn mobile, it grew in fields growing data center and connected objects.
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