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Google and Novartis together in connected lenses

Pharmaceutical company Novartis has signed an agreement with Google to use its Smart Lens technology for medical purposes. The measurement of glucose levels and vision correction among the first uses.

The Swiss pharmaceutical group Novartis announced that its Alcon Division, specializing in eye care, had signed with Google and Google [x] responsible for designing technologically advanced projects team, to develop and commercialize contact lenses connected. The agreement provides that Novartis can use technology miniaturized electronic components developed by Google in contact lenses.

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These contact lenses connected embark including sensors and microchips are designed for many purposes including helping patients with diabetes to measure their blood glucose levels continuously by an analysis of their tear fluid and transmitting the remote results, the mobile terminal of the user. But this is not all. Lenses connected Google and Novartis are also correct vision by helping to restore the natural auto-focus eye on near objects within a treatment to fight against the refractive cataract. 
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