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Facebook: New ​​Mobile App to manage its ads

A new management feature ads on Facebook from a mobile device should make its appearance in the coming weeks, according to the social network. Since mid-July until the end of the summer, Facebook will gradually deploy "Ads Manager" on iOS and Android. The module should allow access to the main edition of the campaign advertising functions.

Accessible from the menu on the mobile application, "Ads Manager" provides access to several editing parameters advertisements: the cessation or continuation of an advertising campaign, changing budgets or dates, receiving alerts and the latest statistics. Some users have probably already as it is proposed by the social network since July 16. Facebook account deploy in the coming weeks, until the end of the summer.

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With this new manager, Facebook is clearly turning to professionals. Also close The arrival of the mobile solution follows the recent announcements of Facebook, which offers video ads for businesses for a few weeks and larger advertising formats since April.
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