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BlackBerry Update 10.3 with a virtual assistant

BlackBerry already proposed a voice assistant for its smartphones, but the company will go one step further with its next update BlackBerry 10.3. It will launch BlackBerry Assistant, a virtual assistant that will compete with Siri or Cortana.

Siri, by Apple, or Cortana by Microsoft, voice assistants are increasingly used. What explains this success, is the improvement of functionality and finesse understanding, that makes truly enjoy voice commands.

BlackBerry has understood and improves its own solution, first built in BlackBerry 10. The Canadian manufacturer will present BlackBerry Assistant, which will be included in the next update.

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BlackBerry says that virtual assistant can remain "organized, informed, and productive."
Improved over previous versions, BlackBerry Assistant voice control and manages some simple tasks on your smartphone such as research on the calendar or messaging, sending emails, dictation notes, etc.. The technology used allows the virtual assistant adapt over requests. Also, most queries are performed without leaving the app.

BlackBerry assistant, the manufacturer offers a more sophisticated voice assistant that offers new features: access to apps, monitor or change settings.
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