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NSA scandal: The German government no longer wants Verizon

The German government has decided to dispense with the services of the Internet and telecom operator Verizon and assign contracts to Deutsche Telekom.

The German Government will migrate all services provided by the American telecommunications operator Verizon to Deutsche Telekom by the end of 2015. Possible tracks official communications, including those concerned with the surveillance a telephone of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel earlier this year, may have weighed heavily in the decision of the German government to stop doing business with the U.S. operator.
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Verizon provides Internet access to several German federal agencies and helped to establish a network connecting them. Asked Friday if the change was caused by operator assumptions links between Verizon and the NSA, the spokesman of German Interior Minister Tobias Plate responded that "this was not the case, but just the fact that the case of the NSA did think the Government on the implementation of secure networks and ways to improve them. "

For its part, Verizon denies any involvement in a possible cooperation with the NSA:
Managing Director of Verizon Germany  Detlef Eppig said "Verizon Germany is a German company and we comply with German laws. The U.S. government can not access customer information located outside the United States, " 
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