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LG launches WebOS SDK for smart TV

LG Smart TV running WebOS were sold rather well: 1 million copies sold in just 4 months. With this success, LG trying to involve developers by providing the SDK (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) to create applications.

The manufacturer only keep its promise since it had already announced earlier this year at CES in Las Vegas. Alongside the launch, it also has a website dedicated to developers who will find all the necessary resources: SDK, API, design guide or an emulator (LG Smart TV Emulator) that opens a virtual test environment on a computer.
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For developers, LG tried to make its environment "developer friendly" at the interface, working with standardized as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript web technologies. LG Technical director Scott Ahn said  "In an industry where there is no dominant standard, the WebOS ecosystem has become a priority for LG,"

Remember that in late 2013, LG has been pinned by the community it had actually sent a software update enabling it to know what content viewers looking to target advertising via "smart ads."

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