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Microsoft unveils Interflow, safety platform

Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) has announced a preview of its Interflow platform. This new initiative is as a social network at professional computer security.

Microsoft Interflow is a tool to access information relating to cybersecurity. Users can choose the most relevant flow of information and implement monitoring flow through a filtering system. In addition, as a Facebook for experts, the focus is on sharing information. Thus, a user decides who can have access to their information or what communities he wants to join.

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MSRC has built this service into formats such as STIX, TAXII and Cybox, so "to facilitate the integration of Interflow within an existing ecosystem of tools and systems operational incident response." Plug-in and SDK will also be available to users.

With Interflow, Microsoft wants to join in its sphere companies specializing in computer security. To do this, Microsoft highlights cuts costs involved this platform, particularly through the automation of previously manual tasks, as well as its capacity to respond to crises. 
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