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Google testing a registration service of domain names

Google starts registration of domain names. Launched in beta mode, Google Domains is tested on invitation, Google heading other providers like GoDaddy or eNom in the United States, people seeking to buy a domain name. So it could become a serious competitor for these services in relation to the options it provides for free.

There is no charge for a private registration which hides the name, address and contact information of the subscriber. Its proposal also includes the email associated with a brand (@ Your with up to 100 alias (as support@ Your redirects to other accounts. It will also provide up to 100 subdomains to customize various websites and provides a set of management tools. In addition, Google argues that Domains using the same DNS servers as its other sites, guaranteeing speed and reliability, to connect your domain to your website.

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Google has not provided pricing for the service, but on the page of information available, it says the price of 12 dollars for a registration of one year. In the United States, GoDaddy, one of the largest registrars in the world (it manages over 57 million domain) is currently offering discounted to $ 8 price.
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