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YouTube make life easier for content creators

YouTube looks forward to make life easier for content creators, by offering them a new mobile app, improved subtitling and the introduction of crowdfunding.

YouTube considered as the second search engine after Google. And the first for the creators, since receives 1.44 million hours of content every day. His last semi survey showed that content providers and viewers want to "know on what work the developers of YouTube", so that indicate which direction to go." Accordingly, YouTube unveiled in a blog post and a video "Creator Preview" its future endeavors.

YouTube is visited by a billion users per month. 40% of that figure accessing the site from a mobile. Matt Glotzbach, director of Product Management division Creator, is conscious and announces the imminent establishment of a mobile tool to content creators. This new application will include all features of the website, without replacing YouTube Capture. It can shoot, edit and publish videos from a smartphone. The tool being developed probably suggest better options for the tags, to create slideshow and video introduction and direct by Hangouts.

Segment and monetize

The second improvement is to rework the integration of subtitles and captions in postproduction. The goal is to enable designers to reach a multilingual and public hearing impaired. YouTube wants to offer subtitles better than those currently available. Platform contribution of users, launched in 2012, is not questioned and even see its enriched databases. Finally, an aggregator price will be provided to creators so that they can compare the prices and schedules offered by agencies freelance translators Google partners.

YouTube introduced a feature crowdfunding kind. This is the latest and the most significant information. Advertising revenues depend on the number of views per video. To generate more views, some make the line work, but not everyone can afford it. More of YouTubers launching their projects via Kickstarter or Tipeeee. Officials of the platform took note of the success of crowdfunding sites and intend to keep content creators home. A system of donations from users offers two advantages. On the one hand, YouTubers will not need to start fundraising on other media. On the other hand, YouTube retains its talents and offers them an alternative to the gas plant that is advertising.

These new options want to facilitate the creation and publication of content on YouTube. Easier to monetize that content even be segmented as the site should also set up a YouTube for children, so as to reassure parents about the videos watch their little darlings. In addition, with the Creator Academy, training for YouTubers, the platform ensures standardization of published works and better penetration to the public. Many new developments that offer YouTube can optimize its offering to advertisers.

Creator Preview 

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