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Video advertising on Facebook for advertisers

Facebook continues to give more prominence to advertising. The social network is preparing to propose in several countries format video advertising. The video format has already been tested in the United States and complements the recent changes in advertising formats announced by Facebook in April.

Premium Video ads were launched in March in the United States. According to Facebook, they have enabled companies to have "a new way to get in interaction" with the social network users.
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Premium Video format is now available to advertisers in the United States, Germany, Australia, Brazil, France and Canada. The social network announced a development for the limited time to focus on "a smaller number of advertisers with campaigns of high quality, so to create the best possible experience on Facebook."

Users of the social network can therefore expect to see these ads in their timeline in the coming weeks. They are provided on a format of 15 seconds. Operation reminiscent already proposed by the shared videos by its own contacts: each video plays automatically without sound when it appears on the screen. It stops when the user scrolls news beyond its video advertising thread. The sound is enabled and the video switches to full screen when the user clicks on the video.

This new ad format proves complementary the latest announcement by Facebook: new tools for measuring the impact of shared videos. These statistics are expected to show the number of views, unique views, or the average length of a video display and the dropout rate during playback. These statistics will be available for organic and sponsored videos. 
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