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TsunaMail : New Mail Service

TsunaMail is a new messaging service developed by students Epitech Montpellier. Created in 48 hours, this application (technically called mail client), renews a form which had already known but had disappeared.

Students are divided Wave concept, launched a few years ago by Google to create TsunaMail.
With this new customizable messaging, presentation flow on the e-mail box reads not as usual, according to its correspondents, but according to its objects of discussion. For example, when you click on a thread, the whole history of that conversation appears. And on this thread, the sequence of e-mails is clearly, "staircase", so as sms.
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In this thread, attached files (images, videos) are directly integrated into the body of the message. With consequent time saving.
Logic, when taking into account the new business needs related to mobility.

This initiative was welcomed by a tweet in real time by Fleur Pellerin, then Minister Delegate in charge of SME, Innovation and the Digital Economy.

Innovation, wink to Google, we look forward to. (available in beta in September) 
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