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Microsoft launches its smartwatch Surface

Microsoft is preparing to release a Smartwatch focused on measuring health and fitness to compete with the Samsung Gear Fit, if one believes a patent filed in 2012 by the Redmond company. Currently known as Surface Smartwatch, this watch is connected as described in the patent as a "personal portable information system."

The release of this product has become even more sense now Microsoft has acquired the mobile devices Nokia activity. The patent indicates that the device include an optical sensor and a data collector. This watch will track the activity of its own through the combination of motion sensors and GPS signals.
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Pat said: "Users are forced to connect sensors external pulses, using, for example, a chest strap, to obtain biometric information during a sport activity. The use of several components of this type can be bulky and difficult to make certain movements. Therefore, the adoption of such electronic equipment during a sporting activity is not as widespread as it could be, ".

Surface will have a screen and a removable strap to act as smartwatch, may also be inserted in other fitness equipment or a docking station for recharging. Although the focus will be on health and fitness with the ability to measure the heart rate of the user, there will be other functions such as playing music, clock radio, messaging and telephony . It is also possible that Microsoft delivers its smartwatch with its Bing search tool and Cortana voice assistant, Siri rival. 

It is unclear when Microsoft will unveil its smartwatch, but an event is scheduled on May 20 to launch the mini tablet surface. Also a good opportunity to reveal the smartwatch if it is ready.
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