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Citrix betting on mobile work space

When Synergy 2014 the user Citrix held in Anaheim, California conference, the American publisher has put forward some new features strengthening its platform to allow workspaces accessible from any place and from any type of material.

The editor is aware of the boundary between work life and personal life. But Citrix technologies are not there to erase this limit but give users a choice to choose the timing and context of the use of their workspace. Relying on existing elements of its product portfolio (virtualization, terminal management, sharing and synchronizing data ...), Citrix aims to further improve user workspaces experience in mobility situations. This vision in the announcement of Mobile Workspace Suite. In parallel, and in the same spirit, tools offset and presentation of Microsoft (XenApp and XenDesktop) environments experiencing new versions with enhanced security features and direct access from the browser in HTML 5. Tools in "preview" simplify and help migration to new versions.

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Provide a good user experience

This bet Workspace mobile is now a reality for many people worldwide still holds the performance and ease of use to ensure its widespread adoption. The user interfaces have been recast on these tools to follow closely the use of applications and knows some interesting improvements, such as sorting mail for example.

In terms of performance, the publisher improves its Netscaler tool. It is the same for XenMobile reinforces its support of Windows 8, integration with backend systems and workflows available in mobile applications. In "preview", productivity applications available in the second half of this year and complete the latest tool for sharing and synchronizing files ShareFile. The software opens up new sources of data, structured or unstructured, with the ability to completely decouple the storage space and timing used in the business and those usually chosen by the employees in their personal context. IT departments can allow more exchanges between these different spaces or not according to the rules in force in the company.

Development Workshop allows the creation of interfaces to other systems content management. Sources of new data are supported FileNet, Documentum, Salesforce, Box and DropBox.
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