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Alibaba: one of the largest IPOs in history

Alibaba is an e-commerce website well known in Asia. Already listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, the Group launched May 6, the IPO on Wall Street procedure. Alibaba could build on an estimated 15 to 25 billion dollars introduction. With these estimates, the group may exceed the market introduction of Facebook record of $ 16 billion.

Despite the challenge it represents and the ensuing pressures, have taken the plunge. Probably the most remarkable remains Facebook, which came on the platform of the Nasdaq in June 2012, had the beginnings of complex trading. Another example is the social network Twitter, which has followed this trend and has been listed since last November.

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Alibaba. Founded in 1999, this Chinese company is an e-commerce site become very important to the Asian level, but also internationally. Today, it is present in various activities such as online payment or data storage. The financial results are not mentioned, but Yahoo!, one of its shareholders, has announced that the end of 2013, sales rose by 66% And profit by 110% to reach $ 1.4 billion.

Already listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, Alibaba is about to be introduced to the stock market on Wall Street. This May 6, the group, in fact, initiated the process of introduction by depositing its project with U.S. stock Constable (SEC).
It will take a few weeks to learn more, but analysts said the group would be between 80 and 200 billion dollars. A significant enhancement compared to eBay estimated at $ 65 billion or Amazon, which is now worth $ 137 billion.
But, the largest IPO of a web company is Facebook, with 16 billion dollars. Alibaba could exceed this amount, because its introduction is estimated between 15 and 25 billion.
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