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Snowden case: the political choice of the Pulitzer Prize

This year's Pulitzer prize not journalists but newspapers The Guardian and The Washington Post U.S. received the prestigious journalism prize for their revelations about the Snowden case. A political choice?

Pulitzer Prize was awarded a gold medal in the category of "public service" the American version of The Guardian and The Washington Post, for revelations about the monitoring programs of the intelligence agency NSA, permitted by the documents issued by the former Edward Snowden consultant. As a reminder, Pulitzer is a prestigious award which recognizes annually the best journalism in the United States. It is awarded by 19 members of a jury composed of journalists, writers and academics. It was presented to Columbia University in New York.

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More than the real investigative journalists work (Glenn Greenwald, The Guardian and Barton Gellman Washington Post) it is the positioning and independence of American newspapers that seem to have been rewarded, as the Pulitzer newspapers praised and not journalists. Indeed, the revelations about the NSA eavesdropping, launched June 6, 2013, have been strongly criticized by the U.S. government, which has tried to discredit these reports.

Beyond the consequences of these reports were in terms of images from American citizens, the impact was also huge with all the international diplomatic community, some leaders of countries like Germany or Brazil, didn't appreciated being listened to. The prize Pulitzer seems to be of a political nature, this year.

In a statement, the Guardian explains: "Working on this story, this year was intense, exhausting, and sometimes scary, and we are grateful that our peers have recognized that the revelations made ​​by Edward Snowden, and the work of journalists are a great success. "For Martin Baron, editor of the Washington Post, journalists revealed a" policy with profound implications for U.S. citizens. "

For its part, the former consultant NSA welcomed the choice of the Pulitzer Prize, which "goes in the direction of all those who think that the public has a role in government. "He praised the work of journalists" face extraordinary intimidation, including the forced destruction of journalistic material or misuse of anti-terrorism laws. "
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