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Chris Beard new CEO of Mozilla

Chris Beard has been appointed interim CEO, within the Mozilla Foundation. He joined the group in 2004, just before the launch of Firefox 1.0, as a product, Vice President and Chief Innovation and Marketing Director and the organization. He then left the foundation and joined the investment fund Greylock Partners.

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On the blog of Mozilla, Mitchell Baker, president of the Foundation writes that this appointment is a first step in the process: "After the next milestones, it will incorporate a long-term plan on the role of CEO and add members to the Board administration that can help Mozilla to succeed and to make efforts to ensure that each member of the Mozilla community to reach its true potential as a leader. "The President also said that eventually, a CEO will be selected permanently: it could be the same Beard, whose position would be confirmed. It will also select new members of the Board, following the departure of Gary Kovacs, John Lily and Ellen Siminoff.

Chris Beard was appointed following the resignation of Brendan Eich, who had to leave his position as CEO after only two weeks. Indeed, employees denounced the financial support of Eich, in 2008, a draft law against marriage for all in California, revelations which had launched a fierce controversy.
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