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Skype: the group video calls become free

The famous instant messaging software and video calls over the Internet Skype announced that its group videoconferencing tool reinstates the features available for free.

This change allows users of the software to make free calls on Windows platforms, Mac, and Xbox One multi-participants, until the upgrade is deployed on other platforms: including the application interface modern Windows (ex Metro app) Windows Phone, Android and iOS.

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Maintain the attractiveness of Skype in a context of increased competition
Owned by Microsoft, Skype had begun charging calls grouped in January 2011.

To use this feature, at least one person on the call must have purchased a Skype Premium (8.04 dollars per month VAT, or 4.01 dollars per day for day pass) account. 

This return to Free videoconferencing,  for an essential feature appeal of Skype is probably due account of competition from Google Hangouts that allows free video calls gathering up to 10 participants. 
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