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LinkedIn passes 300 million users

The professional social network LinkedIn is growing rapidly. Reaching 300 million users worldwide. In six months, this represents an increase of 30%. LinkedIn benefits of mobile development. What reassure equity investors, disappointed forecasts 2014.

Established in 2003, LinkedIn is a social network that connects professionals, companies and recruiters. Founded in the United States, the company is progressing and is now present in over 200 countries and is publicly traded since May 2011.

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LinkedIn announced that it has surpassed the 300 million users. In October, LinkedIn progressed the number 230 million, representing an increase of 30%. The network remains largely leading to Viadeo, which manages to bring together more than 55 million users. LinkedIn nothing wrong, either, face to traditional social networks. It finds himself behind YouTube and Facebook, but to Twitter, which counts 241 million users.

LinkedIn mainly attracts users outside the United States, which represent only 33% of the total. Also, the development of mobile applications has paid for about half of new users are on mobile. According to LinkedIn, this trend should continue in 2014.
The social network adapts to these practices and adjusts these strategies on mobile in several applications: the classic application on smartphones and tablets iPad, Contacts, Pulse, Mobile Recruiter and next application SlideShare, acquired in 2012.

Like other social networks, LinkedIn seems to have reason to bet on mobile. Developing the features and services of its mobile applications, social network is expected to attract new business users.

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