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AMD sales up but back losses

Component manufacturer AMD has released its financial results for the first quarter 2014. Has recorded a turnover up 28%, largely achieved through the Graphics & Visual Solutions division grew by 118%. Despite this increase, AMD revives financial losses to the tune of $ 20 million.

The manufacturer AMD showed, earlier this year, a summary of the fourth quarter of 2013 positive. Turnover of 1.59 billion was up 9% and AMD was able to identify $ 89 million in profits. To 2013, the results were less positive with a turnover of $ 5.3 billion, a decrease of 2% compared to the previous year, and an overall deficit of $ 83 million, an improvement of approximately $ 30 million.

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The company has released its report for the first quarter 2014. AMD achieved a turnover of $ 1.4 billion, up 28% compared to the same period 2013. Not much focus on chips PC managed to AMD. The turnover relating to this sector, in fact, decreased by 12% to $ 663 million.
 By contrast, Graphics & Visual Solutions division develops GPUs took the marketing of consoles last generation. Turnover of 734 million dollars, and increased by 118% and is expected to grow further. 
However, after two quarters of profits, AMD revives losses. Indeed, the chipmaker posted $ 20 million in losses. In case the payment of an invoice of $ 200 million to one of its partners, GlobalFoundries, which weighs on its expenses. 
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