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Yahoo cut the cord with Facebook and Google

Customers who use their Facebook or Google accounts to connect to Web services operator will soon create a Yahoo ID. The company wants to keep the data of its users.
Yahoo has recently faced some problems that have questioned the reliability of its systems confidentiality. First defects in the distribution of mail, followed by a malware attack on European users via advertising service provider. Involved, a version of Java is too old. In January, knockout: we learn that the American and British intelligence services have collected images from webcams million users of Yahoo Mail service. The company has denied any complicity in this matter but its credibility has suffered.
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Enhanced customization of Yahoo services 
Now Yahoo account regain control of data users. Until now, the company guaranteed access to online services via authentication from Google and Facebook accounts. It was therefore not required to have a Yahoo ID. This door will gradually close. Reuters reported the end of the opening practice for Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick'Em service earlier in the week. Soon, Flickr and other popular applications are concerned. No date has been specified regarding other services.
Yahoo hopes to overcome the problems encountered last year. But especially wants to offer its users customized features for better ergonomics Yahoo services. Marissa Mayer, CEO of the company, announced its objectives late January. It is therefore becoming "something valuable to users, which makes them want to come to Yahoo every day." This new strategy is therefore specifically users.  
Monetizing data
This change benefits Yahoo, it will have complete control over the data of its users. Opening the authentication services via the accounts of its two competitors, it offered them access to its information. No consideration. Google and Facebook are not also offered access to their services online through a Yahoo account. 
Marissa Mayer wants to optimize content monetization. Including mobile applications. In 2013, Yahoo bought several applications creators and funding many projects in this sector. And the advertising market for this type of support is growing steadily, totaling $ 18 billion last year. But most of these revenues is captured by Google ($ 8 billion) and Facebook (3 billion) in which Yahoo now refuses access to its data. 
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