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British Standard Bank Chartered will accelerate its digital transformation

Digitization can be a tempting solution to increase productivity. This was found the British Standard Bank Chartered, which has launched a large-scale digitization. Outlining its priorities for 2014, the bank had said on the occasion of the publication of its annual results ended December 31, it would innovate, digitize and simplify everything to improve its development.

The firm said "If we want to obtain an effect of positive "scissors "and continue to invest at the same time to generate the growth we need to improve our productivity significantly, and every year,".."This requires constant innovation, a trend toward digitization of all that we can digitize and a relentless focus on simplifying and streamlining the way we work. "

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After a change of strategy in June 2013, Standard Chartered announced a reorganization in its regions, its activities and also in its functions to allow it to focus on Asia, Africa and the Middle East markets. These changes will help the bank to adopt a strategy based on digital and simplification. Standard Chartered wants to use technology to drive innovation in the business, rather than being controlled by this technology.

CEO of the bank Peter Sands said "As an industry fundamentally Scan all aspects of the bank can be transformed by technology," .. "It can be an opportunity as a threat," he added. "With the technology-driven innovation, we can further provide our customers reduce costs and improve risk management, reinventing all aspects of the business. But all this must be more advantageous for our clients rather than ourselves. "In its financial results, Standard Chartered also said it had invested in systems in 2013 to improve controls and reduce the risk of handling errors in a program of rebuilding trust and the credibility of the financial sector.
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