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WhatsApp, Facebook and Google: the bottom of an auction

If WhatsApp has responded positively to the proposed acquisition of Facebook messaging application for mobile was also courted by the giant Google. Negotiations seem to have been very thorough far.

The acquisition of WhatsApp was the event of this week: Facebook has offered a total of 19 billion to one of the most popular apps among young people, in particular. Revenge for the co-founder of the start-up, Brian Acton, who was denied his application by the firm of Mark Zuckerberg in 2009. But before what would become the most important acquisition of Facebook, Google is also interested in WhatsApp. Indeed, the search engine giant had offered $ 10 billion to the leaders of the start-up. An amount that pales alongside double that put Mark Zuckerberg on the table. Brian Acton, in an excellent position to negotiate, therefore probably able to raise the stakes.

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 He even said that the battle was relentless. According to The Information, Google CEO Larry Page, would have gone to the meeting of January Kum, the other co-founder of WhatsApp to try one last time to convince him. Larry Page would have even said Jan Kum, in desperation: "Be independent, that is what you always wanted. Facebook represents a real threat to you and join could have a major impact on our environment for years to come. "We imagine that the amount indicated on the check had to make a difference

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