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Tornado GR4 fighter plane flew with parts "printed" in 3D

The British  group of Defense announced that flying a Tornado GR4 fighter plane, consisting of metal pieces "printed" in 3D: the protective cover for the cockpit and radio pieces in the air intake system and landing gear. None of the critical components of the aircraft have been involved. However, this flight, which took place in December from Warton Aerodrome northwest England, was presented as a success.

A method for manufacturing an object by adding layers of material on the basis of a three-dimensional digital model, 3D printing starts be used in the aerospace industry. With this technology, the defense sector could save large sums, as indicated by BAE Systems who recalled that the production of some of these items amounted to a little less than 100 pounds (about 163 dollars).

An undeniable financial advantage all industry players must have taken good note. Last August, for example, NASA had fired a rocket engine nozzle which was printed in 3D. But this is not the only attraction for this technology: because it requires only correct printer, it also allows facilitate repairs damaged hardware, avoiding air travel for repair operations and maintenance.

Tornado GR4 fighter plane flew with parts "printed" in 3D Tornado GR4 fighter plane flew with parts "printed" in 3D مراجعة من قبل fortech في 9:00 ص تصنيف: 5