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Active directory tools for AD

Active directory tools includes many features and components. AD is a directory service that is responsible for coordinating the network management and security management of Windows-based systems . AD was implemented in 1996 and quickly absorbed by other systems because of its many benefits . Active Directory is what makes the difference between a normal user and the system administrator. In this blog, we will discuss the components of AD that can be managed effectively with an active directory tools reporting and active management.

What are the elements of the AD ?

AD components using a network administrator in performing various tasks , ie , allowing users , certification of users , network management , etc. components of AD can be classified into two types , resources and reinforcements security. All components and functions haves active directory tools whatever their own utility .

Forest: The forest is very high in the hierarchy of AD . It encompasses all the attributes and syntax.

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DNS (Domain ) DNS is the sum total of objects linked by computer policies , users and databases of members. DNS plays an important role in holding the AD database . A copy of all activities based on the server is created.

Organizational units ( OU) : Organizational units are a combination of different fields. By grouping all fields and provide a nest for them, active directory tools  make easy network operations . An OU also separates areas easy classification. Also known as a carrier, as it has fields. Using organizational units of a network administrator can implement policies and administrative users .

Results: The sites are actually physical groups defined by IP subnets. This component allows the network administrator to identify areas of high and low connectivity . Sites help regulate network traffic and link clients with CC .

What do the experts suggest ?

For network managers with technical skills , as it becomes very difficult to manage the Active Directory. They can use the tool Lepide active directory tools Management and Reporting ( LADMR ) to perform reporting and management of Active Directory. The tool simplifies LADMR heavy operations such as user management, computer / server , UO administration and management of the group address .

Reasons third Active Directory Tools

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active directory tools
  • Security

Many threats to IT environments are created every day by those who intend to do harm. While many external threats, more insidious threat may come from internal user that has privileges and uncontrolled access to critical data . The gap Investigations Report 2010 Verizon Data showed that 48 % of data breaches are performed by the inmates. 90% of these shares are purposely started with bad intentions in mind .

The security requirements facing IT departments are coupled to the lower budgets and users with access to more data than they need to perform their jobs. This unnecessary access is one of the main reasons for the increased security risk.

active directory tools provides solutions and processes that can help in the management of user identities , the maintenance services required , reducing organizational risk , and performing all these tasks within budgetary constraints.

  • Implement and enforce controls

Solutions are needed to ensure that administrative controls are Active Directory . Granular separation of administrative tasks is a solution that is needed to easily provide the necessary access to the user's work using active directory tools.

  •  Automatic detection of unauthorized changes.

Corporate risk can be reduced by automating the functions of event detection and notification to alert to changes in the organization. Remediation and closure are the features that are necessary to respond to changes and reduce risk.

With automatic event detection and reporting , key stakeholders can be alerted and the risks of unauthorized changes can be reduced. Process automation and reporting solutions dismantling to be implemented . Catch all the activities in the audit logs help security personnel in their investigations to determine the causes of unauthorized incidents .

  • Reducing the administrative burden while the process remains

Solutions must be sought to help reduce the workload of administrative routine activities. active directory tools should be implemented to provide for such things as automated user provisioning and Deprovision , compliance reporting, and other routine maintenance tasks which improves the accession process and reduces the workload of tasks..

  •  Simplify auditing and reporting.

While active directory tools provides native audit , it is impossible to read and difficult for most to understand. The tools that are used as a solution should provide easy to read and understand the tools and information audit . Relevant information must comply with the "who " , "what", "where" and "when" activities when it comes to accessing the data . By providing this information for each event, which will be much easier for IT staff to monitor the specific activity .

Based on active directory tools to help the verification and authentication of your IT environment will help standardize controls and security policies across different computing platforms . Beyond the native functionality of Active Directory to achieve automation , reduce risk and maintain security should help make the listeners , security and staff are very happy.

active directory tools, active directory tools
active directory tools

AD Info is a free active directory tools currently in beta . I was able to download the installer , install and run my first report in 1 minute have a good user interface , and numerous reports , including users , computers, contacts group policy group. Automatically detects the area and uses the powers 'm registered as default implementation reports . Although field settings and credentials I available, I was glad that I did not need to configure anything to run my first report.

When you create a custom report , I noticed that some of the attributes are marked as not available in the beta version . I did not notice any bugs in active directory tools , but a warning message mentioned at the beginning that this is a beta version and there may be many errors.

This is the second active directory tools developed by Chris Wright. Its another free tool is also useful for checking .

Active directory tools called AD Tidy and product Dovestones as "true last logon ", which allows you to find and user accounts and cleaning equipment that are no longer in use.

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