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World it ! New social network

World it is a new free application of micro-anonymous polls, available on both iOS and Android.

World it New social network for iOS and Android

Innovative social network

You are faced with a difficult choice ? This application will allow you to send Wit (a short question that can be answered by yes or no) to the community Witters (users) to watch, and get in less than two tons of answers in order to refer your choice ! 

But World it, is not like that . Feel free to help others by voting for their Wits but also stating your thoughts through comments. If you want to try this application, download the version of iOS and Android.

For the record, note that the adventure World it ! was born a beautiful autumn evening, a conversation between two young students at the cafe in New york. Another drink or go revise ? The dilemma by excellence that could not be resolved between friends. Anonymous call to the rescue was inevitable.
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